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Coach-Based Consulting

Professional Coaching and Organizational Consulting are rapidly expanding throughout the world.

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Resiliency Coaching

This course aims to impart the application of resiliency professional coaching approach to build resilience.

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Coach-Based Consulting An Integrative Approach

The best research, derived from the latest studies in neuroscience and cognitive decisional sciences are translated into practical concepts

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Apply The Tase Polygon

Our entire approach in attending to your leadership development needs can be summarized in our application of TASE POLYGON. The key to sustainable excellence in business and performance lies in your leaders’ ability to develop expanding capacity to achieve insights, skills and techniques for leadership and management in the new century.

Tase Polygon

Partner In Excellence

TASE Leadership Consulting is a team of deeply passionate and innovative international consultants who believe in providing training and consultancy that works in the real world. We are practitioners in the field of human psychology and development. We are enthusiastic with troubleshooting organizational gridlocks. We collaborate with our clients to unlock hidden potentials and abilities. We are optimistic. We go for deeper analysis and therefore we do not advocate simplistic solutions or advices. The key is premium quality training where you can expect to gain insights for application. In the longer term, contacts with our consultants will bring about more passion for your business and organizations. As we are strongly affiliated with our community of practitioners in the US and Europe, we are able to tap into a very diverse expertise whenever we need to. We work as a closely knitted team. Our consultants are highly trained in the leadership development, people management and psychological science. As very experienced practitioners we are fully committed professionals who apply leading edge tools and methodologies to advance the performance of our clients.


Partner For Excellence

VISION Flourishing in innovative collaboration with leaders of diverse organizations for the betterment of life and work.

MISSION To equip and empower leaders for excellence in performance, communication, thinking and team achievement.