How Coaching and Behavior Science Develop Leaders.

How Coaching and Behavior Science Develop Leaders.


Recent discoveries in human science show clearly that we are not rational actors in life, work and economic activities. We are driven instead by emotions and instincts though we often justify our actions and decision making with logic and rationality. The humbling truth is that we are predictable and error prone individuals and teams. However, this reality need not be seen as a setback or burden. The exciting perspective is that if we leverage on such insights into our behaviors and others, we could exercise very insightful and motivating leadership. Smarter decisions and leading effective teams become truly possible. To strongly develop leaders and expand our business, coaching with behavior science is therefore critical. This highly interactive seminar address this engaging imperative.  


Speaker : Dr. William Bergquist is an international coach and consultant, professor in the fields of psychology, management and public administration, author of more than 45 books, and president of a graduate school of psychology.


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