Our International Team

TASE Leadership Consulting is a team of deeply passionate and innovative international consultants who believe in providing training and consultancy that works in the real world.

Dr. Mirasol Delmar

Founder - Psychotherapist

Mirasol has done extensive training and projects in clinical and organizational enterprises. As Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, she focuses her consultancy on psychotherapy and counselling, stress management, family wellness, family-owned business coaching, executive coaching, leadershi...

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Dr. Richard Lim

Principal Consultant - Senior Psychotherapist

Richard Lim is the Senior Consultant Psychotherapist with TASE and The Relational in Singapore. His specialty is in the application of psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral approach in creating practical insights on the challenges that clients face in order to facilitate resolution. Since 2001, ...

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Dr. William Bergquist Ph.D.

International Advisor / Senior Consultant Psychologist

William Bergquist is an internationally-known coach, consultant, trainer and educator. He is also a widely-published author, researcher and scholar, and owns one of the few independent graduate schools in North America. Dr. Bergquist came to Indonesia in 2014 to facilitate the first Master progra...

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Donus Loh

Peak Leadership Psychologist and Mindset Change Expert

Donus is a well sought after effective and successful consultant, coach and trainer.  He has 20 years of experience in working with people individually and in groups through coaching and facilitating workshops.  His work inspires, guides, and teaches people to build their psychological ...

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