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We are very committed to facilitate this for your leaders to achieve such excellence rarely seen anywhere

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Our entire approach in attending to your leadership development needs can be summarized in our application of TASE POLYGON. The key to sustainable excellence in business and performance lies in your leaders’ ability to develop expanding capacity to achieve insights, skills and techniques for leadership and management in the new century. We are very committed to facilitate this for your leaders to achieve such excellence rarely seen anywhere. It is true to say that there are many leadership models and skills advocated by many in the market place. Yet few acknowledge this reality: without enlarging the leader’s capacity, skill acquisition rarely translate into effective performance. Specifically, many leaders are still struggling with bad habits and rigidity of behavior that severely obstruct leadership. One key reason is that any behavior change needs psychological stamina and resilience supplied by the strength of focus, flexibility of thinking, innovative perspectives and team support.


Many neglect and underestimate the need to develop such capacity which is essentially psychological and neurological (brain science) in nature. Capacity refers to your stamina to sustain your peak performance. We are specifically committed to support your enhancement of capacity. Through more than 15 years of working with the leaders and executives in Asia Pacific, we particularly notice that most leaders need to cultivate the ability to stay focused, display resilience with constructive narratives, apply insightful thinking, conduct influential communication and exercise first class team leadership.


With the years of leadership consulting and development, TASE integrate these fundamental dimensions of leadership capacity enhancement into a polygon shape model for powerful transformation. We believe that your mastery of the four gateways with eight doorways will ensure that your energy will be most effectively applied for consistent breakthrough performance.


The TASE POLYGON covers the four key areas of leadership execution; namely, performance, thinking, communication and team leading. An excellent leader in any organization exhibits personal mastery clearly seen in the ability to stay focused and not easily distracted. This is about developing attention and focus so that we stay open and curious for innovative performance that lasts. Resilient performance has to be developed for truly professional leadership. This is accompanied by a powerful ability to generate inner narratives that will help him to navigate through tough periods. A coherent and constructive story or narrative greatly enhance performance in the midst of stresses and challenges. An excellent leader is resilient. She is also a clear and insightful thinker.


Critical thinking with sharp analysis is expected for clarity. He can analyze systemic and thus create innovative perspectives for breakthrough solutions. Systems thinking ensure perception of reality that is less distorted. Leaders have to see the interconnectedness of variables. Then, leaders have to act. The action is largely the ability to conduct influential communication to induce inspiration and admiration that come from effective persuasive communication and coaching skills. And an excellent leader is always a fascinating team leader. He can facilitate a team into achieving great results as he is skillful with group process and dynamics.

So these are our key focus.

Gateway One

Science Of Leadership Performance

To fail as a leader is to fail in attending to the vision, mission, goals and tasks. To succeed is to stay focused. To stay attentive and mindful. Distractions are rampant. Distractions waste time and energy. Distractions cost money and resources. Accidents, poor decision making and going off tangent are common leadership flaws. Another fatal blow to leadership performance is the lack of constructive and coherent narratives or stories that sustain our efforts at making things happened. We get discouraged or demotivated easily. We can’t seem to conduct inner dialogues that galvanize our energy for performance when times call for it. Thoughts worry us. We start to lack sleep and freshness. Health may even suffer. It is not surprising that many CEOs cannot last beyond 6 years of work. They quit and move on to other works. We believe we can amend this very common obstacle. We train you how to stay focused and attentive to the vision, goals and tasks. It is about staying openly focused. To stay calm and alert for a long time despite great stress. This is also about staying playful and curious and open to various possibilities. The real mark of a true leader. We help you to construct a powerfully coherent and constructive personal narrative that strengthen your core for authentic leadership. This is well informed by the psychological science of performance resilience. With this, no matter how many times you get knocked down, you keep bouncing back and bouncing forward. That is the distinctive mark of a great leader.


Doorway:  Achieve Focus and Energy for Peak Performance  |  Develop Performance Narratives for Life and Work

Gateway Two

Science Of Leadership Thinking

We think. But we often think linear. We therefore think poorly. Things and events catch us by surprise. We predict wrongly. Worse, we even mislead ourselves and our team with poor understanding of how the world and market really works. Leadership thinking has to be very real, critical, analytical and systemic. Systems thinking is absolutely essentially for any leader who intends to make headway in strategic planning and actions. The universe goes by systems. Everything is interconnected. The interconnectedness makes every action the beginning of ripple effects that often catch a leader by surprise. Yet many leaders make actions without considering the unintended consequences. In short, we lack awareness of systemic reality. The science is this: nothing stays the same. Life and work and market place is perpetually changing. In this relentless changes, how can we stay focused on implementing actions and interventions that genuinely effective? The key is in having the ability to face reality by NOT running away. This is about staring at reality squarely and apply systems thinking ability to manage the challenges. Learn how to do this critical skill in the science of systems thinking. Acquire the psychological competence in thinking truly effectively. Reduce distortions. Aim for sustainable growth. Innovations come from the ability to disassociate from the usual conventions. Innovative thinking is about breaking away. Yet this process can bring about anxiety and even guilt. We get frightened by the process. The insecurity can be paralyzing. The challenge is that leaders are expected to go places where others are afraid to tread. Playing safe is not an option. The wonderful thing is that venturing forth in innovative thinking can be liberating and greatly enhances the excitement and thrill of business development. This can be done.


Doorway:  Apply Systems Thinking for Clarity & Tough Problem Management  |  Apply Innovative Thinking for Breakthrough Performance

Gateway Three

Science Of Leadership Communication

Communication is not just about passing instructions. That would be a pure waste of opportunities. Human beings enjoy connections. We love to be inspired. To be appreciated. To feel wanted. Excellent leaders know this. They make every encounter count. One major expression of leadership is communication. The ability to listen deeply in order to comprehend better so as to connect faster and achieve goals effectively is a clear mark of distinctive leadership. Such leaders do not waste time doing damage control due to poor communication. Clear, precise, concise yet connecting communication greatly enhance operation and relationships. We apply leading edge psychological science and neuroscience in training you and your organizations in communication skills that go way beyond the basic and superficial. We also equip you with the science of persuasion that really works. Gain insights into the communication psychology of staff and clients. Acquire the useful skills to persuade in authentic ways. Communication that hits the hearts not just the surface. Inspire loyalty and following. Learn the psychology of communication at deeper level. Leaders are expected to display such capability for gaining genuine admiration based on competence rather than just your dressing and postures. How to persuade, motivate and inspire at authentic level is the key to truly impress as a leader.


Doorway:  Key Persuasive Skills for Executives  |  The Art of Executive Coaching

Gateway Four

Science Of Leadership Team

All leaders lead a group. If there is anything that ever change the world it is groups. And a group led by a powerful leader can really transform anything. At heart, leading your group, team and division is about applying group psychology and dynamics in a highly effective way. This understanding is often missed. We normally assume that leading a group or team is commonsense. Just act professional and somehow magically things will work out on their own. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Leaders in their most honest moment would confess that nothing stress them more than trying to lead a bunch of people are supposed to be professional but act otherwise at work. And those who lead know that this is NOT about walking tall and dressing powerfully or speaking with a thunderous voice. This will wear you down fast. However, authentic team leadership is about courageously facilitating the group with deep insights, clear discourse and inspiring actions that can transform your team into a world class performer. Leadership is about action that works. The actions have to bring results. And results can only come consistently when your leadership pierce through superficiality and polite conversation for popular acceptability. Think Steve Jobs, Lee Kuan Yew, Nelson Mandela, Deng Xiao Ping. None of these great leaders use gimmicks. They are real and authentic. They truly inspire top class teams. We apply the science of group dynamics and processes to help you realize bring this dream of creating a world class team. We employ the arts and science of psychological dialogues and facilitation that ensure sustainable performance.


Doorway:  Key Team Facilitation Skills for Successful Leadership  |  Achieve Results with Team Effectively