The Crazy World of Self-Style Coaches

The Crazy World of Self-Style Coaches


You may hear of those who received less than a few days of coaching training claiming that they could transform life with their new found techniques and that he or she is capable of changing your life by their coaching?


While we respect their passion for holding such belief, i have to say that it is really not that easy. And worse than that, this claim can create more troubles than providing genuine help.


There is no easy way or short cut for transformation of life. Both the consultants or coaches and their clients need to be prepared for hard work. There is no magic. There are skillful means. Such skillful means are developed through comprehensive programs that none practitioners in deeper level of psychological understanding and techniques for real healing work.


As a Psychologists working with individuals and families and within many organizations in the last 17 years, I have learnt that we need to be responsible and accountable to the well being of those we serve. For those out there who are keen to be real consultants, the key is to engage in real training. In Jakarta and Indonesia, the future lies with coach based consulting. This approach is about providing authentic consulting to individuals and organizations with proven and tested coaching skills done in world class C suite level work.


We need the selected few who are prepared to be developed at the highest level.


Richard Lim


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